Turning Over a New Leaf: Modeling Green Infrastructure in Atlanta

EarthzineDEVELOP 2016 Spring VPS, Managing Water Quality and Precipitation Anomalies, Original

Residents of Metro Atlanta pay the highest rates in the nation for municipal water and sewer, in part, due to massive recent investments in infrastructure to manage stormwater runoff. As development continues at a rapid pace in Atlanta and its suburbs, expanding areas of impervious surface will continue to exacerbate this problem.

Oh Deer! Where are the Mule Deer Going?

EarthzineDEVELOP 2016 Spring VPS, Mapping Landscape Changes and Species Distribution, Original

Mule deer are economically and ecologically important to the Southern Rockies; however, their populations are currently on the decline. Mule deer are migratory animals that are capable of traveling a few hundred miles from their summer to winter habitats and therefore require safe, uninterrupted passageways that will allow them to continue migrating without navigating over anthropogenic obstructions such as roads, oil well pads, and fences.

A River in Time

EarthzineAnalyzing Human and Environmental Health, DEVELOP 2015 Summer VPS, DEVELOP Virtual Poster Session

This is an article from the Summer 2015 VPS. For more VPS articles, click here Category:åÊAnalyzing Human and Environmental Health Project Team: Ocmulgee Ecological Forecasting II Team Location: University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia Authors: Christopher Cameron Andrew Herring Ayn Remillard Zhan Shi Mentors/Advisors: Dr. Thomas Jordan (Center for Geospatial Research, University of Georgia) Dr. Marguerite Madden (Center for Geospatial … Read More