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Using NASA Earth Observations to Assess Vegetative Stress of Row Crops in Irrigated and Non-Irrigated Fields in Alabama

The effect of drought conditions on irrigated vs. non-irrigated row crops in Alabama were investigated using NASA Earth Observations.

Oh Me! Oh My! These Rice Paddies are Dry!

Category: Monitoring Drought Project Team: Mekong River Basin Agriculture Team Location: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center – Huntsville, Alabama Authors: Daryl Ann Winstead Waritchana Rakumthong Pumichat Raksaphaeng Allison Daniel Mentors/Advisors: Dr. Jeffrey Luvall (NASA at National Space Science Technology Center) Dr. Robert Griffin (University of Alabama in Huntsville) Eric Anderson (University of Alabama in Huntsville) Past/Other Contributors: […]

Pivotal Moments: Drought Response in the West

Category: Monitoring Drought Project Team: Western U.S. Water Resources Team Location: NASA Langley Research Center – Hampton, Virginia Authors: Kelly Meehan Molly Spater Teresa Fenn Thomas Smith Kaylie Taliaferro Grant Jaccoud Mentors/Advisors: Dr. Kenton Ross (NASA Langley Research Center) Past/Other Contributors: Emily Gotschalk (Center Lead) Tyler Rhodes (Center Lead) Abstract: A changing climate has been […]

A Deeper Look into California’s Water Resources

Category: Monitoring Drought Project Team: California Water Resources Team Location: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Pasadena, California Authors: Justin Lawrence Lauryn Gutowski Nick Rousseau Brittany Zajic Mentors/Advisors: Dr. John T. Reager (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Past/Other Contributors: Nick Rousseau (Center Lead) Abstract: 2015 marked the arrival of the strongest El Niño ever recorded, surpassing the 1997-1998 […]

Water is Life: Understanding Drought in Northwestern Costa Rica

Category: Monitoring Drought Project Team: Costa Rica Water Resources Team Location: University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia Authors: Rachel Durham María José Rivera-Araya Diyang Cui Madison Davis Luis Quesada Nelson Venegas Mentors/Advisors: Dr. Marguerite Madden (University of Georgia, Department of Geography) Dr. Sergio Bernardes (University of Georgia, Department of Geography) Dr. Adam Milewski (University of […]