Tracking Snow: The Cryosphere in an Era of Climate Change

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A new generation of weather satellites is helping researchers gain insights into the complex relationship between the cryosphere ‰ÛÒ the planet’s cold regions ‰ÛÒ and the climate. With drinking water supplies dwindling around the world, understanding the cryosphere is becoming a front-burner issue.

A Real Time Fight Against Drought: Practical Solutions for Southeastern Farmers

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Project Team: Southeast U.S. Water Resources Team Team Location: Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama Authors: Kaylin Bugbee (University of Alabama in Huntsville) Samuel Ayers (University of Alabama in Huntsville) Leigh Baggett (University of Alabama in Huntsville) Modeste Muhire (Michigan Technological University) Mentors/Advisors: Dr. Jeffrey Luvall (NASA Global Hydrology and Climate Center; Science Advisor) Past/Other Contributors: Alabama Agriculture Team (Marshall … Read More

Oaxaca Drought Patterns: Breaking the Code

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Project Team: Oaxaca Water Resources Team Team Location: Wise County Clerk of Court’s Office, Wise, Virginia; and TecnolÌ_gico de Monterrey Campus Saltillo, Saltillo, Mexico Authors: Giovanni Colberg (University of North Dakota) Yanina G. Colberg (University of North Dakota) Laura Esqueda (TecnolÌ_gico de Monterrey, Saltillo Campus) Enrique Benavides (TecnolÌ_gico de Monterrey, Saltillo Campus) Mentors/Advisors: Dr. DeWayne Cecil (Global Science and Technology, … Read More

Amplified Fire Occurrences in Response to Drought and Vegetation Stress in the Western Ghats of India

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June 2003 chlorophyll-a anomaly map produced by subtracting the 7-year mean from the monthly average. Units are in milligrams per cubic meter.

By N. Kodandapani Asian Nature Conservation Foundation, Center for Ecological Sciences, Bangalore, India ABSTRACT There is uncertainty regarding the extent to which drought, fuel availability, and ignition sources contribute to the global fire regime. In 2004, sharply increased fire activity followed a severe drought, highlighting the importance of drought‰ÛÒfire linkages in the Western Ghats hotspot of biodiversity. The spatial extent … Read More

Kenya discovers huge water source


Originally Published by BBC News — A huge new water source has been discovered in the arid Turkana region of northern Kenya, which could supply the country for 70 years, the government says.