Using Their Powers for Good: Aubrecht and Shepherd Recognized for Work in Earth Sciences

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Earthzine offers its congratulations to two of its staff: Marshall Shepherd, who has received the Captain Planet Foundation Protector of the Earth Award, and Christoph Aubrecht, who has received the American Geophysical Union Natural Hazards Focus Group Award. Each of these men is working to help better society through improved understanding of Earth science.

Connecting with Geoscience Systems: Earth Science Week 2014

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Earth Science Week 2014 will focus on the interconnectedness of Earth systems. The international event is celebrated from Oct. 12-18. Opportunities for involvement include student contests, local activities, and a citizen science initiative. Potential participants are encouraged to begin planning now.

Earth Science Data Analysis in the Era of Big Data

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Image of OGC Sensor Web Enablement standards

Many Earth scientists are wondering: How will Big Data technologies benefit Earth science research? To illustrate the effects of combining a Big Data technology with an effective means of collaboration, we relate the (fictitious) experience of an early-career Earth science researcher a few years beyond the present, interlaced and contrasted with reminiscences of its recent past.