Oh Me! Oh My! These Rice Paddies are Dry!

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Category: Monitoring Drought Project Team: Mekong River Basin Agriculture Team Location: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center – Huntsville, Alabama Authors: Daryl Ann Winstead Waritchana Rakumthong Pumichat Raksaphaeng Allison Daniel Mentors/Advisors: Dr. Jeffrey Luvall (NASA at National Space Science Technology Center) Dr. Robert Griffin (University of Alabama in Huntsville) Eric Anderson (University of Alabama in Huntsville) Past/Other Contributors: Leigh Sinclair (Center Lead) Daryl … Read More

STEP M: Space to Effectively Prepare for Migration

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Countries can follow STEP M in parallel, which will provide advice on how to obtain, integrate and operate space data within their adaptation plan for climate change and possible migration. Introduction Climate change will increasingly impact the Earth’s natural environment in many ways, such as more frequent natural disasters, heat waves, melting polar ice, and rising sea levels. Many of … Read More

The Pulse of the Mekong: Flood Impact Mapping in Southeast Asia

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Project Team: Mekong Disasters Team Team Location: Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland Authors: Jason Abkowitz (University of Maryland, College Park) Colin Doyle (Georgetown University) Alexa Nieves (University of Maryland, College Park) Sam Weber (Virginia Polytechnic Institute) Mentors/Advisors: Dr. John Bolten (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) Stu Frye (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) Fritz Policelli (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) … Read More

Flooding in New Zealand


Originally Published by The NASA- In March, muddy floodwaters coursed through rivers in the Canterbury Plains after a powerful storm passed over South Island.

Predicting inland flood damage from hurricanes

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Originally Published by Environmental Research Web – Tropical cyclones can cause huge amounts of damage in coastal regions of the US. What’s less well known is that properties far inland, hundreds of kilometres from the centre of the storm, can be harmed too; many of the householders affected by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 were not insured under the US National Flood Insurance Program.