A Legend in the Making: Mapping Mangroves in the Florida Everglades

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Category:åÊLand Cover Change & Disturbances Project Team: Everglades Ecological Forecasting Team Location: NASA Langley Research Center ‰ÛÒ Hampton, Virginia Authors: Donnie Kirk Caitlin Toner Emily Gotschalk Rachel Cabosky Brad Gregory Candace Kendall Mentors/Advisors: Dr. Kenton Ross (NASA Langley Research Center) Dr. Hans-Peter Plag (Old Dominion University, Mitigation and AdaptationåÊResearch Institute) Dr. Marguerite Madden (University of Georgia, Center for Geospatial Research) … Read More

GIS Free-For-All

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Using free and open source GIS programs and data platforms can eliminate costs associated with data processing, making Earth Observation data more profitable for all. Clyde A. Brooke purchased 140 acres of land in Hancock, Mississippi, in 1952 to begin a timber operation, and what began as a humble operation has grown to more than 4,000 acres today. The Brookewood … Read More

Prepare for the Future! Measuring Lakes from Space

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This is a part of the 2015 Fall VPS. For more VPS articles, click here Category:åÊMonitoring Change for Resource Management Project Team: Lake Tahoe Water Resources Team Location: NASA Ames Research Center ‰ÛÒ Mountain View, California Authors: Nolan Cate Anton Surunis Chelsea Ackroyd Mentors/Advisors: Dr. Brian Coltin (NASA Ames Research Center) Dr. Juan Torres-PÌ©rez (Bay Area Environmental Research Institute) Abstract: … Read More