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Partnering with Pet and Pond Businesses to Prevent Aquatic Invasive Species

The RIPPLE educational campaign promotes safe pet and plant handling in Michigan using an approach that can be used in other parts of the Great Lakes and beyond.

Controlling Invasive Aquatic Weeds in Michigan’s Waterways Requires Interdisciplinary Approach

Michigan researchers use remote sensing, hydrodynamic modeling and ecological observation to monitor the control of invasive Eurasian watermilfoil in the Great Lakes.

Bogged Down in Phragmites: Assessing Risk in the Great Lakes Basin

Phragmites australis is an invasive species that threatens wetland habitats in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River basin. Governments in both Canada and the United States recognize that Phragmites detection is a first line of defense in limiting the spread of this species.

Demonstration Projects Aim to Measure Marine Biodiversity

U.S. agencies have launched a pilot project to establish a marine biodiversity observation network. The program, to measure marine biodiversity and integrate data across organizations, faces huge challenges but even greater rewards