Take the Stress out of ECOSTRESS

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Category: Assessing Air Quality & Water Resources Project Team: Costa Rica Agriculture Team Location: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Pasadena, California Authors: Gregory Halverson Mark Barker Savannah Cooley Steven Pestana Mentors/Advisors: Dr. Christine Lee (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Technical Institute) Dr. Joshua Fisher (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Technical Institute) Dr. Glynn Hulley (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Technical Institute) Dr. Simon … Read More

Water is Life: Understanding Drought in Northwestern Costa Rica

EarthzineDEVELOP 2016 Summer VPS, DEVELOP Virtual Poster Session, Monitoring Drought

Category: Monitoring Drought Project Team: Costa Rica Water Resources Team Location: University of Georgia ‰ÛÒ Athens, Georgia Authors: Rachel Durham MarÌ_a JosÌ© Rivera-Araya Diyang Cui Madison Davis Luis Quesada Nelson Venegas Mentors/Advisors: Dr. Marguerite Madden (University of Georgia, Department of Geography) Dr. Sergio Bernardes (University of Georgia, Department of Geography) Dr. Adam Milewski (University of Georgia, Department of Geography) Dr. … Read More

Turning Over a New Leaf: Modeling Green Infrastructure in Atlanta

EarthzineDEVELOP 2016 Spring VPS, Managing Water Quality and Precipitation Anomalies, Original

Residents of Metro Atlanta pay the highest rates in the nation for municipal water and sewer, in part, due to massive recent investments in infrastructure to manage stormwater runoff. As development continues at a rapid pace in Atlanta and its suburbs, expanding areas of impervious surface will continue to exacerbate this problem.

Where Have all the Junipers Come From?

EarthzineDEVELOP 2016 Spring VPS, Original, Responding to Human Health Risks

Category: Responding to Human Health Risks Project Team: Southeast Idaho Disasters II Team Location: BLM at Idaho State University GIS TReC – Pocatello, Idaho Authors: Jenna Williams Kshitiz Shrestha Cody O’Dale Ryan Howerton Mentors/Advisors: Keith Weber (GIS Training and Research Center at Idaho State University) John Schnase (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) Mark Carroll (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) Past/Other … Read More

Calamity in Kalimantan: Palm Oil Growth at the Expense of Diversity

EarthzineDEVELOP 2016 Spring VPS, Mapping Landscape Changes and Species Distribution, Original

Indonesia is the world’s leading producer of palm oil. To keep pace with the continued worldwide expansion of palm oil demand, the government of Indonesia formulated an agricultural policy with the express purpose of doubling palm oil production by 2020. Unfortunately, palm oil plantation expansion comes at the cost of natural rainforest and biodiversity loss in the Central Kalimantan region.

Hot Potato: Preserving Traditional Farming in the Peruvian Andes

EarthzineDEVELOP 2016 Spring VPS, Monitoring Environmental Health and Disturbances, Original

Agricultural systems in tropical montane regions are particularly vulnerable in the face of global climate change. Anecdotal evidence from Parque de la Papa, located in the Peruvian Andes, indicates that farmers following traditional practices have moved potato crops to higher elevations seeking suitable growing conditions for the potato varieties they have cultivated for centuries.

An Environment in Flux

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Remote sensing is being used to promote the sustainability of agricultural and recreational opportunities in the Medicine Bow National Forest of Wyoming, USA. On a quiet patch of land in the Medicine Bow National Forest (MBNF) in Wyoming, livestock consumed native grasses that dominated the landscape, and hikers trekked through those grasses to access tall aspen stands and striking views. … Read More

Investigating Groundwater in Montana Informs State Water Policy Decisions

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The Ground Water Investigation Program at the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology seeks to provide answers to communities about the status of local groundwater. This article was updated on March 1st, 2016. As in many western states, officials in Montana have long been concerned with water. Montana’s landmass is the size of Japan, and the hydrogeology of the state … Read More