MODIS and Vector-Borne Diseases

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Remote sensing via satellites enables us to survey the spatial-temporal patterns of vector-borne diseases in both near and distant places. In this article, MODIS imaging time series, in particular, are explored as an application to bolster surveillance and vector control programs.

The Hungry Caterpillar – Catching Fire: VIIRS Forest Disturbance Detection

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Project Team: U.S. Disasters and Ecological Forecasting Team Team Location: Stennis Space Center, Stennis, Mississippi Authors: Jamie Thompson (University of Southern Mississippi) Brittany Howell (University of Southern Mississippi) Alyssa Pourmonir (State University of New York Maritime) Timothy Sutherlin (University of Southern Mississippi) Heather Nicholson (University of Southern Mississippi) Mentors/Advisors: Joseph Spruce (Senior Research Scientist, Computer Sciences Corporation; Science Advisor) Past/Other … Read More