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SELFI: NASA’s Pursuit of Life on Saturn’s Enceladus

A new instrument will study the plumes of Saturn’s small moon, telling scientists more about the possibility of life in its global ocean.

All the Light We Cannot See: Deploying Optical Sensors to Study the Ocean

Hyperspectral cavity absorption sensors allow scientists to understand ocean microalgae cycles.

Listening to the Ocean with NeXOS Passive Acoustic Smart Sensors

International partners develop next generation, web-enabled sensors to monitor a changing ocean.

NeXOS Project Takes Aquatic Sensors to Next Level

NeXOS project helps us look at the ocean, listen to the ocean, and understand the ocean from a fish’s point of view.

XPRIZE Aims to Inspire a Connection with the Ocean

The public engages with space science and exploration more than they do with the ocean – XPRIZE hopes to change that.