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Lessons from the Earth Science Women’s Network

Peer networks connect scientists with mentors and career resources.

Feeling like a Fake? Get a Mentor

Meaningful mentoring helps women overcome imposter phenomenon in the workplace.

The Three Musketeers: Making an Impact in French Remote Sensing and Breaking Down Gender Barriers

Three French scientists in remote sensing discuss overcoming barriers at work and the opportunities for future generations.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Part Two: The Stellar Works of Women

With Women in STEM a topic of conversation these days, it is worth remembering that women have made a great number of contributions throughout history.

Daring to Dream: Brianna Belz Looks to the Future of Medicine

Brianna (Brie) Belz, the keynote high school speaker from the Robert H. Goddard Memorial Dinner, reflects on the experiences that led her to pursue a career in space medicine.