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Claire Parkinson: A Scientist Who Goes Beyond

Claire Parkinson, project scientist for the Aqua satellite and a senior climatologist at NASA, uses her work to improve scientific and public understanding of the world.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Part One: Women and a Brief History of Computing

With Women in STEM a topic of conversation these days, it is worth remembering that women have made a great number of contributions throughout history.

Women in STEM: Progresses Made and Opportunities for Growth

Earthzine’s Women in STEM theme addresses the gender gap in STEM fields, profiles the work of scientists and highlights the importance of mentoring the next generation.

Call for Papers: Women in STEM

Earthzine, an IEEE online scientific publication, is soliciting articles of 800 to 3,000 words for its third 2016 quarterly theme, Women in STEM.

Women in Science: Dr. Patricia Gruber Scours the Globe for International Partners and Innovative Technology

A childhood fascination with the ocean sends one woman to the top of the Office of Naval Research Global, the international arm of the U.S. Navy’s science and technology office.