Meet the 2016 Summer Writing Club

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The Writing Club is in session for summer 2016 – join us and follow their progress. We launched the Writing Club in 2015 as a 10-week online writing course for students and early career professionals to build fluency as science communicators. Some of our students are scientists looking to develop ways of discussing their work with the general public.  Others … Read More

Homeward Bound: Planes, Weather and a Flight to Catch

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Severe weather patterns have serious implications for air travel, but improvements in Earth observation and weather forecasting help airlines plan ahead. Airlines and passengers want to avoid flight delays and cancellations. Harsh weather poses a threat to this goal and it becomes impossible for some flights to take off or land on time. How do airlines use Earth observation systems … Read More

An Environment in Flux

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Remote sensing is being used to promote the sustainability of agricultural and recreational opportunities in the Medicine Bow National Forest of Wyoming, USA. On a quiet patch of land in the Medicine Bow National Forest (MBNF) in Wyoming, livestock consumed native grasses that dominated the landscape, and hikers trekked through those grasses to access tall aspen stands and striking views. … Read More

GIS Free-For-All

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Using free and open source GIS programs and data platforms can eliminate costs associated with data processing, making Earth Observation data more profitable for all. Clyde A. Brooke purchased 140 acres of land in Hancock, Mississippi, in 1952 to begin a timber operation, and what began as a humble operation has grown to more than 4,000 acres today. The Brookewood … Read More

Mapping for a Healthier World

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Organizations such as Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and HealthMap are creating products using volunteer-provided local information and more to equip individuals and humanitarian efforts with tools that can be used to fight the spread of disease. Imagine being dropped in the middle of a place you have never visited. You must find your way to crucial meetings throughout town, but your … Read More

The Trouble with Trees: Volatile Organic Compounds Exacerbate Climate Change and Air Pollution

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Scientists are using sophisticated emission models and monitoring techniques to better understand the relationship between volatile organic compound production, climate change, and air pollution. As rainforests are cut down and replaced with isoprene-emitting oil palm plantations, data suggest that genetically modified trees may provide a hopeful alternative.