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In the Hunt for Ocean Treasures, Robots Lead the Way

Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE teams are building autonomous robots to map the seafloor and hunt for unknown signals in the hope of winning $7 million.

Earthzine Writing Fellowship Dives into the Ocean, One Story at a Time

IEEE Earthzine’s 2017 Writing Fellowship, sponsored by XPRIZE, engages students and early career professionals on ocean exploration through storytelling. Their first assignment was to interview each other.

XPRIZE Aims to Inspire a Connection with the Ocean

The public engages with space science and exploration more than they do with the ocean – XPRIZE hopes to change that.

XPRIZE to Sponsor Earthzine Writing Fellowship

Applications are due May 1 for an Earthzine Writing Fellowship that will explore the ocean depths.

XPrize Challenges Researchers to Explore the Great Depths of the Ocean

On the first day of AGU’s 2015 Fall Meeting, X-Prize keynote speakers announced a $7 million prize that challenges competitors to revolutionize underwater exploration and mapping of the deep ocean floor.