Student Autonomous Maritime Vehicle Competitions: International Coordination and Initial Benchmarking

IEEE OES Singapore Chapter

The Autonomous Marine Vehicles Competition Committee is envisioned to be a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas among all involved in sponsoring, managing and supporting autonomous maritime vehicle student competitions around the world.

Protecting Coral Reefs from Climate Change Impacts through Sustainable Tourism

In the face of global climate change and coral reef degradation, the Green Fins initiative promotes conservation through sustainable reef-dependent businesses.

Ozone and the Appalachian Trail

In large quantities, tropospheric ozone can negatively impact humans and vegetation, but ground-level stations only sample a portion of the atmosphere. This project assessed how NASA satellite data in conjunction with ground stations can enhance education efforts of the National Park Service.

Effectively Address Invasive Species Threats: Join or Start a Local CISMA

Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas (CISMAs) are voluntary regional partnerships that help land managers address invasive species threats.

Women Encourage Other Women to Lead and Discover Their Inner Entrepreneur

Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders Join Forces to Celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day in San Francisco.

Prix Pictet 2016 shortlist turns the lens on space – in pictures

From Hong Kong’s tiny subdivided flats to the migrant crisis, this year’s photography and sustainability award shortlist explores the theme of space from all perspectives.

Inventor Sir James Dyson sets up college to tackle skills shortage

Inventor Sir James Dyson is setting up his own technology institute to tackle the shortage of engineers.

No, the public hasn’t had enough of experts – or evidence

The general public has had enough of experts, according to Michael Gove. But is he right? On Tuesday I attended a meeting in the Speaker’s House in Westminster with 100 members of the public who disagree with that sentiment. The event, Evidence Matters, was organized by the charitable trust Sense About Science and showcased the importance of evidence to people across all walks of life.

How the BBC is preparing to broadcast Arctic Live

The BBC is preparing to broadcast live from Churchill in Canada, which has become known as the polar bear capital of the world.

EARTH SCIENCE WEEK UPDATE: Special Alert! American Geosciences Institute – October 2016

In a positive display of bipartisanship, U.S. senators from across the country have come together in support of AGI’s 19th annual Earth Science Week celebration. The coalition, which consists of members of Congress from Alaska to Florida, formally introduced a Senate resolution officially designating the week of October 9-15, 2016, as “Earth Science Week.”

This Year’s Surge in Global Warming Is So Off the Charts, a Comic Is the Best Way to Explain It

A new webcomic looks at recent climate change through the history of civilization. The result is pretty grim.

Showcasing the Lives of Women Scientists through the #365scienceselfies Social Media Project

A selfie-a-day may inspire the next generation of female scientists by seeing a unique view into the complete lives of women in STEM.