Saildrones, Canoes, and Smartfins at Oceans 17

saildrone oceans 17

Earthzine is covering the Oceans 17 conference in Anchorage, Alaska.

Training Future Resource Stewards – The National Coral Reef Management Fellowship

The National Coral Reef Management Fellowship provides professional experience and training opportunities in coral reef resource management.

Successes and Setbacks of the First Large-Scale Coral Nurseries in the Maldives

This article illustrates two midwater nursery technique achievements by means of cultivating thousands of coral fragments, which showed resilience from the 2016 bleaching event.

Monitoring the Ocean in Color with MatrixFlu

Dr. Oliver Zielinski of University of Oldenburg discusses the MatrixFlu sensor in a question and answer session with IEEE Earthzine.

All the Light We Cannot See: Deploying Optical Sensors to Study the Ocean

Hyperspectral cavity absorption sensors allow scientists to understand ocean microalgae cycles The NeXOS project’s objective was to see, hear, and experience the ocean to broaden human understanding of changes to the marine environment’s biologic, chemistry and physical processes. One of the 10 sensors the project created to monitor the ocean was the hyperspectral cavity absorption […]

Listening to the Ocean with NeXOS Passive Acoustic Smart Sensors

International partners develop next generation, web-enabled sensors to monitor a changing ocean.

NeXOS Project Takes Aquatic Sensors to Next Level

NeXOS project helps us look at the ocean, listen to the ocean, and understand the ocean from a fish’s point of view.

Protecting Coral Reefs from Climate Change Impacts through Sustainable Tourism

In the face of global climate change and coral reef degradation, the Green Fins initiative promotes conservation through sustainable reef-dependent businesses.

Notes from the Nautilus Blog: Getting to Know a National Marine Sanctuary

Scientists, students, and viewers on land explored Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary with Bob Ballard’s Exploration Vessel Nautilus.

An Ocean Between Us: Monitoring Marine and Vegetation Health on Cocos Island

The Isla del Coco Marine Reserve off the coast of Costa Rica is experiencing several environmental challenges including rising sea surface temperature (SST), coral reef bleaching, coastal erosion, and loss of cloud coverage above its cloud forest.

Waves of Change: Coexisting with Oceanic Oscillations in the Marshall Islands

The project team partnered with the Regional Climate Services Director (RCSD) for the Pacific Region under NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) to analyze near-real time (i.e., weekly) spatial and temporal patterns and trends in sea-surface height (SSH) around the US Affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPI).

Grunions: See How They Run

The California grunion is an endemic fish species vital to the California coast, acting as a versatile food source for many species such as seabirds, large mammals, and other fish in the food web.