Call for Papers: Coral Reefs

IEEE Earthzine, an online scientific publication, is soliciting articles of 800 to 3,000 words for its second 2017 quarterly theme, Coral Reefs.

New Developments in Underwater Mineral Exploration, Offshore Brazil

Metallic mineral exploration in deep water is no longer a distant reality: the project Marine E-tech is progressing via an agreement between Brazil and the United Kingdom.

‘Seagrasses’ vital to coastal health

Underwater flowering plants play multiple roles in keeping coastal ecosystems healthy.

Toxic pollutants persist in deepest ocean

Scientists have discovered human-made chemicals, banned in the 1970s, in the bodies of creatures living in the deepest parts of the Pacific Ocean.

Size matters for marine protected areas designed to aid coral

For marine protected areas established to help coral reefs recover from overfishing, size really does seem to make a difference, say experts.

Important submarine canyons ecosystems are at risk

A recent review of studies of submarine canyons has identified that they are at risk from human activities, and require better protection.

A rusty green early ocean?

How were Earth’s solid deposits of iron ore created?

Antarctic bottom waters freshening at unexpected rate

In the cold depths along the sea floor, Antarctic Bottom Waters are part of a global circulatory system, supplying oxygen-, carbon- and nutrient-rich waters to the world’s oceans.

Study finds parrotfish are critical to coral reef health

Katie Cramer and Richard Norris developed a 3,000-year record of the abundance of parrotfish and urchins on reefs from the Caribbean side of Panama to help unravel the cause of the alarming modern-day shift from coral- to algae-dominated reefs occurring across the Caribbean.

Epic Antarctic voyage maps seafloor to predict ocean rise as glacier the size of California melts

Global research group will trace Totten glacier’s history back to last ice age, in hope of predicting future melting patterns

How warming seas are forcing fish to seek new waters

Rising sea temperatures are pushing shoals hundreds of miles from native grounds

Deadly monsters of the deep

Oceanographers are busy mapping the powerful underwater eddies that have proved a major hazard to submariners