Saildrones, Canoes, and Smartfins at Oceans 17

saildrone oceans 17

Earthzine is covering the Oceans 17 conference in Anchorage, Alaska.

Anchorage Bound: IEEE Earthzine Delivers Third Year of Live Coverage from Oceans 17

oceans 17 logo

IEEE Earthzine’s third year of live coverage at Oceans 17 in Anchorage, Alaska, begins Sept. 18.

The Legacy of Cassini as it Comes to a Crashing End

Cassini will dive into Saturn this month, leaving a rich legacy of ground-breaking data.

Training Future Resource Stewards – The National Coral Reef Management Fellowship

The National Coral Reef Management Fellowship provides professional experience and training opportunities in coral reef resource management.

Notes from the Nautilus Blog: Getting to Know a National Marine Sanctuary

Scientists, students, and viewers on land explored Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary with Bob Ballard’s Exploration Vessel Nautilus.

Ozone and the Appalachian Trail

In large quantities, tropospheric ozone can negatively impact humans and vegetation, but ground-level stations only sample a portion of the atmosphere. This project assessed how NASA satellite data in conjunction with ground stations can enhance education efforts of the National Park Service.

Effectively Address Invasive Species Threats: Join or Start a Local CISMA

Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas (CISMAs) are voluntary regional partnerships that help land managers address invasive species threats.

In the Spotlight: Using Nighttime Light Emissions to Assess Energy Consumption and Poverty

Bromus tectorum, otherwise known as cheatgrass, is an invasive grass from Europe that has increased its presence all over the world by out-competing native grasses due to its adaptability and life cycle.

Notes from the Nautilus Blog: The 12 to 4 Watch

IEEE Earthzine’s Jenny Woodman is blogging from the Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus.

Notes from the Nautilus Blog: A Voice for the Sanctuary

Jenny Stock on the back deck of the E/V Nautilus

Jenny Stock is the education and outreach coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

Notes from the Nautilus Blog: First ROV Dive

Gary Williams from California Academy of Sciences in E/V Nautilus wet lab after Monday’s dive; he is one of the world’s experts on octocorals, deep-sea corals and coral reefs

IEEE Earthzine’s Jenny Woodman is blogging from the Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus.

Start of a New EPOCH: HOPE and Hurricanes

Project HOPE (Hands-On Project Experience) is training NASA’s newest leaders to launch the next wave of science missions and careers.