Evaluating cultural value of landscapes using geotagged photos

A new method has been devised for assessing the cultural value of landscapes using geotagged photos shared on a social-networking service.

New radar scanner tests wind turbine blades for defects

Thanks to the innovative radar scanner, defects in the material composition of the wind turbine blades can now be detected with far greater accuracy and visualized in a cross-sectional view, thereby saving costs in production and operation.

Hydrogen production: This is how green algae assemble their enzymes

Researchers have analyzed how green algae manufacture complex components of a hydrogen-producing enzyme. The enzyme, known as the hydrogenase, may be relevant for the biotechnological production of hydrogen.

Study refines filters for greener natural gas

Scientists have mapped out the best materials for either carbon dioxide capture or balancing carbon capture with methane selectivity.

How Open-Source Robotics Hardware Is Accelerating Research and Innovation

Open hardware systems could make robots more affordable and easier to build

Collapsing cliff reveals comet’s interior

Rosetta scientists have made the first compelling link between an outburst of dust and gas and the collapse of a prominent cliff, which also exposed the pristine, icy interior of the comet.

World’s most efficient, environment-friendly solar cells

In the future, solar cells can become twice as efficient by employing a few smart little nano-tricks, suggest investigators in a new report.

LANDFIRE 2015 Remap – Utilization of Remotely Sensed Data to Classify Existing Vegetation Type and Structure to Support Strategic Planning and Tactical Response

Characterizing vegetation type, cover and height with Earth observation data enhances wildland fuel modelling.

Local Governments Welcome High-Tech Snow Removal

Connected snowplows, infrared technology and Big Data analytics are saving taxpayers money and making snow removal less of a chore this winter.

Flying High to Improve Vegetation Management

Mid-South Synergy uses unmanned aerial vehicles to identify clearance violations and hazard trees.

New approach for matching production and consumption of renewable electricity

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is coordinating the BALANCE project, which brings together leading European research institutes in the field of electrochemical conversion.

Extreme Makeover: Planet Edition

The idea of making Mars habitable for humans has captured the public’s imagination, so we decided to take a look at science exploring possibilities in the not-so-distant future.