USS-CR Modem Functional Configuration Summary

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Photography of Adeyemi Adegbite. Image Credit: URC

Photography of Adeyemi Adegbite. Image Credit: URC

Image Credit: URC

Student: Adeyemi Adegbite

Morgan State University, Maryland

Major: Electrical Engineering

Degree Level: Bachelor of Science

Internship Site: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland

Mentors: Harry Shaw and Darryl Lakins

Abstract: The Satellite Network (SN) is a data communication system comprised of a constellation of Tracking and Data Relay Satellites (TDRS) and several ground terminals. My main purpose was attaining and organizing all the legal return service modes of the Narrow Band Modem and mapping them to each other, with proper documentation. The modes of the Narrow Band Modems are the different configurations that are being used during the various tests to check the functionality requirements. These modems are in use for the USS-CR project, which will is testing key components that will replace current subsystems for the TDRS ground terminals at the White Sand Facility. Using requirement specification documents and test data, the modes are organized using Mindjet MindManager, a tool that is helpful for organizational and presentational purposes. With Mindjet, I successfully mapped all modes for a S-Band Single Access Return Service.

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