What Keeps Us Writing and Working in the Face of Global Change‰ÛÓEssays on Hope

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In this series of blog posts, Earthzine staff and other contributors offer short essays on their sources of hope or inspiration in the face of widespread global change.

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Arches National Monument. Image Credit: ECO.

One of the greatest challenges in addressing the environmental problems faced by our world today is that the number and size of those problems can seem vast. Many of us, Earthzine staff and volunteers included, have experienced doubt, fear or despair in response to the information we receive through our work in Earth observations.

In response to the recognition of the emotional obstacles imbedded in addressing large scale change, Earthzine is introducing a series of essays inspired by optimistic reasoning. Over the next several months, Earthzine will post articles on what inspires us, drives us, and gives us hope in the face of ecological dilemmas.

In addition to contributions from Earthzine staff and volunteers, readers interested in sharing their own essay (of 1,000 words or fewer) are encouraged to contact Managing Editor Jeff KartåÊ(jkart@earthzine.org).

apollo 8 photo

To the Moon and Back: A Father and Daughter Find Hope Writing About Space Exploration

Looking back at a groundbreaking Apollo mission offers hope for what we can achieve together in the future.

Generations, in the meadow. Image Credit: Martin Fisch. Believe in MillennialsåÊ

Earthzine intern Sarah shares her thoughts on her generation‰Ûªs role in dealing with climate change.



Lophelia coral in the Gulf of Mexico. Image Credit: Lophelia II 2012 Expedition, NOAA-OER/BOEM.

How Embracing What We Don’t Know Can Drive Real World SolutionsåÊåÊ

By embracing the idea what we don‰Ûªt know is an opportunity, we can foster discovery and a create society that will support the innovations we need to live in a more sustainable way on our Earth.åÊåÊ