Workshop on the Socio-economic Benefits of Geospatial Information

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Aerial view of Boulder Colorado with the Rocky Mountains in the background.
Aerial view of Boulder Colorado with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

Aerial view of Boulder Colorado with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

Workshop on Defining, Measuring, and Communicating the Socio-economic Benefits of Geospatial Information/GEOSS
Boulder Colorado, USA June 12-14, 2012

Call For Participation

There are many challenges, whether climate change on a global level or food security on a local level. These need to be approached comprehensively and effectively with the information available. Geospatial information from Earth observation and other sources contributes to decisions by both societal and individual decision-makers. Effective use of this information is essential as issues are becoming more complex and consequences of decisions more critical for future economic and social development. This workshop will review quantitative socioeconomic methodologies and metrics for assessing and communicating the value of geospatial information.

Three recent workshops on the value of information (Washington DC –2010, Hamburg-2010 and Ispra Italy – 2011) resulted in a multi-year development plan to improve methodologies and metrics for benefit assessments. The upcoming workshop in Boulder, CO will broaden the base for societal benefit assessments with a continuing focus on understanding of requirements for the implementation and analytical methods, recommendations for a range of case studies and formulation of a multi-disciplinary community of practice to support multi-year projects. This Call for Participation is for presentations and papers on research and development progress in information systems, GEOSS, user applications/case studies and the communication of benefit analyses. The international workshop invites presentations and papers from government, industry, NGOs and academia in the following topics:

• Cross-disciplinary methodologies for socio-economic benefit
• Qualitative and quantitative metrics for benefits and impacts
• Case studies from industry, government, and academia
• Benefits of remote sensing applications
• Impacts of geo-spatial information for decision making
• Communicating benefit assessments

In addition to presentations, the workshop will have discussions with developers and users of information on multi-disciplinary teaming for further methodology and case study development.
Abstracts deadline for submission EXTENDED to March 30, 2012.
Notification of acceptance will be on April 13, 2012.
For further information: or contact Francoise Pearlman at
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