Updated November 2016

Writer Guidelines

Image Credit: Jeroen Bennick

Image Credit: Jeroen Bennick

Earthzine accepts articles at any time. Articles written for a specific theme should be submitted according to timelines set forth in each theme’s Call for Papers. Writers may submit completed articles or queries at any time.

Every effort should be taken to make an article’s language free of jargon and as accessible as possible to a non-specialized reader. For instance, use examples to show how a new technology or application would mitigate or solve a real-world problem. Earthzine serves an international audience. Therefore, articles should be written with a global perspective that does not assume specific regional or national knowledge by the reader.

Articles are typically between 500 and 2,500 words, depending on topic and scope. Please submit articles in a text format compatible with Microsoft Word.

Earthzine uses Associated Press (AP) style for its articles, and IEEE citation style for references.

Authors should submit photos and graphics in common formats such as jpg. Images should be of sufficient resolution to present all relevant detail. Image file sizes should not exceed 1 MB; horizontal images are preferred, at 1600 pixels wide. We suggest including at least three images per article or one image for every 400 words. Images must include caption and credit information, and the author(s) must have permission to use the images with the article. Images should be relevant to the subject of the article, and include hyperlinks to the source of the image if available on a platform such as Flickr.

Earthzine does not pay royalties or use copyrighted material without permission. Submit a completed IEEE copyright form with your final article.

Create hyperlinks within your article to words and phrases that should be defined, individuals and organizations with Web sites, and other external links pertinent to your topic. Provide links as appropriate to relevant articles previously published on Earthzine.

*** Please download a template article (available in PDF and Microsoft Word) as a guide to Earthzine’s requirements and helpful hints for preparing your article for submission. Note that each article should include a squib, or summary, at the top, along with information for categorizing the article based on Topic, Region, and Interest Level. 

Earthzine’s practice is to capitalize “Earth” in honor of the planet on which we live.

Earthzine solicits and publishes voluntary submissions. First time authors are encouraged to submit an article query that presents your topic, primary sources, and cite your credentials for writing on this topic (see below). Each proposal and article will be reviewed by Earthzine’s editorial staff and volunteer reviewers with relevant expertise. See our Reviewer Guidelines and Editorial Policy.

How to submit
Submit your proposal or article to Jeff Kart, Managing Editor, jkart@earthzine.org.

For information about our Editorial Calendar, or for more information on ways in which you may volunteer and contribute, visit our Volunteer and Contribute page or send us an email: editor@earthzine.org

Before you prepare an article for Earthzine, you may submit a query.  You can cut and paste this form, or answer the questions in a separate document.  Email information to editor@earthzine.org
Your name:
Your academic or institutional affiliation and/or position:
Your area of research, study or interest:
How to contact you (email, phone, or address):
Preliminary title for your article:Are you submitting this article idea for a specific themed issue of Earthzine?
Yes – for the ____________ theme, which starts on ______ [date].
No.Audience for your article (technical, general, students):Approximate length of your article:

  • Brief (500 words or less)
  • Moderate (1,000 – 2,000 words)
  • Long (2,000 – 3,000 words)


In a few sentences please give us a short summary of your article.


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