About Earthzine

Earthzine provides up-to-date information on science, technology, Earth observation and information utilization and those participating and contributing to it’s advancement. Earthzine is run by the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES).

Liquid water is essential for life and the Oceans, where life began, is a vital part of Earth’s life support system. Earthzine is updated regularly with news from around the world. News content spans Earth and Oceans, their observation, environmental policy, and young professionals, education, career and mentorship.

On Earthzine, you will find materials that are inspirational to new and future Earth observers and that promote greater awareness of the Earth through its observation. Earthzine encourages interaction of an on-line community of Earth observers. To learn more about Earthzine, our goal and objectives, please see our current Strategic Plan.

See our page on how to submit an Earthzine article, which also includes our Editorial Policy and Writer and Reviewer Guidelines.

On the full moon we publish our Newsletter with highlights of Earthzine news. Subscribe here. Share your comments about what you observe. If you would like to make a more sustained contribution, volunteer to be an editor, write an article, and recruit others to participate. To learn more about ways in which you may contribute visit our Volunteer & Contribute page, and drop us a line.


Who we are

Board of Directors
Gerardo Acosta
Brandy Armstrong
Mandar Chitre
Fausto Ferreira
René Garello
Francoise Pearlman
Jay Pearlman
Hans-Peter Plag
John Potter
Christopher Whitt
Stephen Wood

Editor (Chief)
Hari Vishnu

Site Development and Maintenance
Rajat Mishra
Ohno Design

Associate Editors
Gerardo Acosta – Oceans
Mitchell Borg – Renewable Energy & Hydrodynamic Modelling
Cheng Chi - Ocean Observation & Instrumentation
Fausto Ferreira – Marine Robotics
Bharath Kalyan - Deep Sea Exploration & Marine Robotics
Stephanie Kemna - Marine Robotics
Jasmin McInerney - Limnology, Coastal Engineering, & Water Resources
Rajat Mishra - Environmental Monitoring & Marine Robotics
Roberto Petroccia - Wireless Sensor Networks
Hans-Peter Plag - Global Change & Sustainability
Rabia Qadar - Optical Communication & Wireless Sensor Networks
Paula B. Garcia Rosa – Marine Power
Alexis Nicole Harper

Business Management
Jim Barbara – ICEO Treasurer
Tom Compton – IEEE Resource
Lise Yale – Development consultant

Equal Accessibility Officer
Paul Mogan

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