Earthzine provides up-to-date information on science, technology, Earth/Ocean observation and information utilization and those participating and contributing to it’s advancement. It is updated regularly with news spanning

  • Earth and Oceans and their observation,
  • Environmental policy,
  • Education,
  • Career and Mentorship, and
  • Oceanic Engineering society events.

Earthzine is run by volunteers of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES).

On Earthzine, you will find materials that are inspirational to new and future Earth/Ocean observers and that promote greater awareness of the Earth through its observation. Earthzine encourages interaction of an on-line community of Earth observers.

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Who we are

Editor (Chief)
Hari Vishnu

Board of Directors
Gerardo Acosta
Brandy Armstrong
Mandar Chitre
Fausto Ferreira
René Garello
Francoise Pearlman
Jay Pearlman
Hans-Peter Plag
William Kirkwood
John Potter
Christopher Whitt
Stephen Wood

Rajat Mishra

Associate Editors
Bharath Kalyan - Deep Sea Exploration & Marine Robotics
Brandy Armstrong - Ocean monitoring and modeling
Cheng Chi - Ocean Observation & Instrumentation
Gerardo Acosta – Oceans
Mitchell Borg – Renewable Energy & Hydrodynamic Modelling
Fausto Ferreira – Marine Robotics
Stephanie Kemna - Marine Robotics
Rajat Mishra - Environmental Monitoring & Marine Robotics
Roberto Petroccia - Wireless Sensor Networks
Rabia Qadar - Optical Communication & Wireless Sensor Networks
Paula B. Garcia Rosa – Marine Power
Farheen Fauziya – Acoustic communication
Cheng Siong Chin - Marine power and battery systems
Giulia De Masi - Marine Robotics
Evan Kousinioris
Alyssa Cohen
Michael Limmena
Natalie Hetherington
Sujata Goswami

Business Management
Tom Compton – IEEE Resource
Lise Yale – Development consultant

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Equal Accessibility Officer
Paul Mogan

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