• An Eloquent Remembrance: Book Review of 'Brief Eulogies for Lost Animals'

    Hudon's poetic collection of eulogies individualizes species that have vanished from the planet, seeking to fulfill the promise "gone but not forgotten." Read More +
  • Robots Help Ocean Explorers Map the Sea Floor

    To discover the ocean, map the seafloor and get an up-close view, ocean explorers deploy a range of powerful technologies, from ship-based sonar to autonomous underwater and remotely operated vehicles. Read More +
  • Twitter Observations Offer Seasonal Change Indications

    A study demonstrates that Twitter can serve as a sensor for the onset of spring. Read More +
  • Oxygen, Sardines, and Jupiter’s Moons: What Oceans Can Tell Us About Our Past, Present, and Future

    Want to know about life, the universe, and everything? Look to the ocean. Read More +
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