• Call for Papers: 60 Years in Space

    IEEE Earthzine seeks articles that feature advances in our understanding of space as they relate to Earth observation and information, and articles that explore the space program’s projected future. Read More +
  • SELFI: NASA’s Pursuit of Life on Saturn’s Enceladus

    A new instrument will study the plumes of Saturn’s small moon, telling scientists more about the possibility of life in its global ocean. Read More +
  • Motivation to Map: A Quest to Understand What the Earth Really Looks Like

    Experts are pushing for better bathymetric charts of the ocean floor at a time when, technically, it’s already 100 percent mapped. What’s wrong with today’s maps, and what effects will improvements have? Read More +
  • In the Hunt for Ocean Treasures, Robots Lead the Way

    Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE teams are building autonomous robots to map the seafloor and hunt for unknown signals in the hope of winning $7 million. Read More +
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