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Earthzine is a nonprofit online publication dedicated to Earth observations. Our goal is to foster community among a diverse group of Earth observers and Earth data users while providing a pathway that leads to a more informed public. 

Contribute an article

In addition to IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society member submitted articles, we publish contributions from researchers, educators, students, and members of the global community interested in Earth observation and the application of Earth information.

Why write for Earthzine ?

  • Ideal medium to get others excited about what science you do and how it impacts them.
  • Good addendum to your published research papers so that it is accessible to a wider audience.
  • Increase the impact of your research. It could even go with your funding applications and improve your citations !
  • Great way to give back to the community by sharing your learning and expertise with the rest of the wider world.
  • Improves your writing skills and helpful for all types of careers. 
  • Explaining research to a general reader helps to clarify your thought process and fine-tune your pitches.
  • Hone your writing skills and receive guidance on effective communication
  • Get a boost on your CV, show-off your writing skills to potential employers. We provide authors with performance statistics such as number of reads and geographic readership to help you advertise the potential of your writing.
  • Earthzine articles will be further shared and publicized via our social media outreach portals, getting a larger visibility.

What can I write on ?

Any field which is close to your heart, as long as it fits in with our broad themes such as Earth, environment, ocean monitoring and sciences, mentoring, science-related events and IEEE OES News. Check the list of upcoming Quarterly Themes and Monthly Focus topics, and refer our Writer Guidelines for greater detail about the format and style of Earthzine articles.

For further information about becoming a volunteer contributor, please contact the Earthzine Editor-in-chief at

Become an Editor

In addition to article contributions, we invite highly qualified individuals to volunteer as Associate Editors and Guest Editors to guide the development of Earthzine’s technical content and outreach. Editors help ensure that our technical content offers accurate representations of developments in current Earth observation science and provides an opportunity to help promote interdisciplinary communication among the geosciences. Please explore the Reviewer Guidelines and contact the Editor-in-Chief at for more information.


The cover image "Prince Regent National Park, Australia". is credited to NASA/