From the 2017 Writing Fellowship Piece Microplastic Pollution in the Southern Ocean: Finding What Lies Beneath the Surface
A bongo net was used to filter water samples and catch solid objects on a mesh screen. IMAGE CREDIT: GIUSEPPE SUARIA

Earthzine produces four seasonal themed issues per year. Themed issues are edited by Guest Editors who are experts in the particular topic being featured. Below, find our current, previous and future theme issues and associated articles.

2019 Themes

Ocean Plastic and Marine Debris
Ocean Plastic and Marine Debris (December 21, 2018 - March 20, 2019) Researchers estimate that 8 million tons of plastic debris ends up in the oceans every year, and this amount is predicted to increase by an order in magnitude in the next 10 yrs. We are seeking contributions  that focus on the use of Earth observation data to monitor and quantify waterborne plastics and new technology being used to remove plastic from our waterways and oceans.

From STEM to STEAM: The Intersection of Science and Art  
Seafloor Mapping

2018 Monthly Focus

January: Agriculture and Aquaculture
February: Marine Technology for disaster preparedness, prevention, mitigation
March: Space Weather
April: Earth Day
May: Great Lakes
June: Big Data

July: Ocean Networks Canada Cabled Observatory
August: Arctic Ocean
September: GEO
October: OES OCEANS Charleston 2018
November: Women in STEM
December: Essays on Hope

Previous Themes

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