OES Earthzine Writing Fellowship

NOAA Okeanos’s ROV collected a sample of stalked crinoid in Phoenix Island Protected Area. Image Credit: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration

Fostering opportunities for growth and training among young professionals is an important activity for OES Earthzine. In 2015, thanks to support from NASA’s Applied Sciences Program and IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society, the Writing Club was established to build capacity among students and early-career science professionals for communicating the benefits of using Earth information to support decision-making. With its Writing Club, the publication hoped to encourage and develop aspiring writers who are interested in Earth observation and scientific communication.

In 2017, the club was renamed the OES Earthzine Writing Fellowship to better reflect the professional development and career mentoring the program successfully provided. The following stories were produced by three cohorts of writers who completed the program and made it to the end goal: publication.


Writing Fellowship Articles

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