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Recharging California’s Diminishing Aquifers

With increasing attention on methods of recharging depleted aquifers, groundwater moves to the frontlines of drought mitigation in California For the better part of a decade California has experienced a drought that has significantly depleted water reserves throughout the state. Surface water has long been the focus of California’s water supply planning, but a new […]

The ‘Great Grain Robbery’ of 1972

Out of the unsettling agricultural and economic events of 1972, the beginnings of a robust agricultural monitoring program were born.

Scientists Studying Record-breaking Algal Bloom Ask: Why Is This Year Different?

Collaboration between state, federal and tribal entities protects public health, minimizes economic impacts, and may provide answers to why a massive West Coast algal bloom broke records this summer.

Condor Conservation in Three Dimensions

Can gadgets and processors save endangered species? Advances in biotelemetry combine with the power of supercomputing to keep California condors safe.

Altered Waters: Ocean Acidification Leads Shellfish Growers to Adapt for Survival

Increasing ocean acidification has led shellfish growers to adapt their processes, but has also called attention to the growing problem.

Ocean Plastic Gets Cloudy

Debris floating in the ocean, seen from below
Plastic debris is collecting in the ocean, but the real threat to marine health is the plastic that can’t be measured. A new study of marine plastic found less than 1 percent of the detritus expected, prompting speculation that it is degrading into clouds of microparticles that cannot be recovered.

A Sea Star Epidemic Meets Its Match

Scientists seek to learn why a parovirus present in sea stars since 1942 has become so virulent in recent years. In 1969, ecologist Robert Paine coined the term “keystone species,” in reference to the sea star species Pisaster ochraceus. His experiments, which involved removing coastal sea stars from the ecosystem, caused die-offs, overgrowth, or emigration […]

Demonstration Projects Aim to Measure Marine Biodiversity

U.S. agencies have launched a pilot project to establish a marine biodiversity observation network. The program, to measure marine biodiversity and integrate data across organizations, faces huge challenges but even greater rewards