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LANDFIRE 2015 Remap – Utilization of Remotely Sensed Data to Classify Existing Vegetation Type and Structure to Support Strategic Planning and Tactical Response

Characterizing vegetation type, cover and height with Earth observation data enhances wildland fuel modelling.

Taking a Trip? Consider Sustainable Sea Turtle Travel

Ecotourism provides opportunities to experience nature while supporting conservation.

Ireland’s Ecotourism Industry: Great Promise and Untapped Potential

Despite growing interest from small businesses, Ireland’s promising ecotourism industry needs more policy-level support.

The Role of Genetically Modified Crops in Attaining Food Security in the Developing World

New genetically modified crops that could help developing countries attain food security are in the pipeline, but resistance to their introduction is preventing many from reaching the poor.

Extreme Makeover: Planet Edition

The idea of making Mars habitable for humans has captured the public’s imagination, so we decided to take a look at science exploring possibilities in the not-so-distant future.

New Developments in Underwater Mineral Exploration, Offshore Brazil

Metallic mineral exploration in deep water is no longer a distant reality: the project Marine E-tech is progressing via an agreement between Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Exploiting the Power of Magma: the Icelandic Deep Drilling Project

Supercritical fluid found near magma chambers has the potential to power thousands of homes.

The Cold Reality of Wolverine Research

It takes a tough scientist to study wolverines in crazy cold conditions, but the wolverines are even tougher.

Seeking Mutual Benefits: Bringing Private Sector Partnerships to GEO

As part of its goals for the coming year, GEO is seeking to increase interactions with the private sector. In an interview with Earthzine, Geoff Sawyer of EARSC explains how partnerships can benefit both communities.

Film Review: PBS American Experience’s ‘Rachel Carson’

A PBS documentary offers an in-depth look at the life and work of “Silent Spring“ author Rachel Carson.