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Microbial biosensor designed to evaluate water toxicity

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyA paper-based biosensor covered with bacteria has been designed to detect water toxicity. This is an innovative and inexpensive biological tool which can be easy to use in economically restricted areas or developing countries. Topic: Water

Are super smart octopuses conscious?

Originally Published by EarthSky Inky the wild octopus has escaped from the New Zealand National Aquarium. Apparently, he made it out of a small opening in his tank, and suction cup prints indicate he found his way to a drain pipe that emptied to the ocean. Nice job Inky. Your courage gives us the chance […]

Bat-sound library tracks biodiversity

Originally Published by BBC News – Science & EnvironmentScientists have put together the biggest known library of bat sounds in an effort to identify and conserve rare species in Mexico. Topic: Biodiversity

More exposure to vegetation linked with lower mortality rates in women

MODIS image of fires burning along the Volga river in Russia.
Originally Published by EurekAlert! – Earth Science(Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health) Women in the US who live in homes surrounded by more vegetation appear to have significantly lower mortality rates than those who live in areas with less vegetation, according to a new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and […]

How climate change is affecting common birds

Originally Published by environmentalresearchweb: all content Topic: Biodiversity, Ecosystems

Species rule change considered

Originally Published by BBC News – Science & Environment A government consultation on whether to change the rules governing how contractors deal with protected species when developing sites ends this week. Topic: Biodiversity, Policy

Impacts of salinity determined for agave

Image of a tree set against a desert-like background.
Originally Published by EurekAlert! – Earth ScienceHydroponic experiments evaluated the effects of salinity on biomass accumulation and nutrient levels of four types of Agave. Several Agave species showed variation in response to high levels of salinity. Agave parryi and Agave weberi plants were determined to be relatively tolerant to high levels of salinity; the scientists […]

Sumatran rhino sighted in Indonesian Borneo for first time in 40 years

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianSmallest of the Asian rhino species that number fewer than 100 in the world was captured in a wooden pit in Borneo, Indonesia, to protect and relocate it Conservationists have made the first physical contact in over four decades with a Sumatran rhino in Indonesian Borneo. The smallest of […]

City birds are smarter than country birds

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyBirds living in urban environments are smarter than birds from rural environments. But, why do city birds have the edge over their country friends? They adapted to their urban environments enabling them to exploit new resources more favorably then their rural counterparts. Topic: Ecosystems

South Africa bans leopard hunts due to uncertainty on numbers

Originally Published by Environment | The GuardianFor the first time in decades, hunters with deep pockets will not be able to shoot all of the “big five” game animals in South Africa after the government banned leopard hunts for the 2016 season. Topic: Biodiversity