Category: Biodiversity

Scientists discover large extinct otter

Scientists discover large extinct otter, Siamogale melilutra, from the Miocene Shuitangba site in northeastern Yunnan Province in China.

World’s largest tropical peatland discovered in Congo swamps

A vast peatland in the Congo Basin has been mapped for the first time, revealing it to be the largest in the tropics.

Risk of tree species disappearing in central Africa ‘a major concern,’ say researchers

New research suggests a persistent lack of human attention in the central African forest could actually cause some tree species to disappear.

Genome sequence of polar alga explains evolutionary adaptation to extreme variable climate

An international team of researchers has identified the genetic mutations which allowed microalgae (phytoplankton) from the Southern Ocean to adapt to extreme and highly variable climates

Alien bird risk from pet trade

The trade in caged birds poses a risk to native species if birds manage to escape, research suggests.

Zooplankton rapidly evolve tolerance to road salt

A common species of zooplankton — the smallest animals in the freshwater food web — can evolve genetic tolerance to moderate levels of road salt in as little as two and a half months, according to new research published online today in the journal Environmental Pollution.

Temperature drives biodiversity

Why is the diversity of animals and plants so unevenly distributed on our planet?

Global warming already causing local extinctions

Almost half of plant and animal species have experienced local extinctions due to climate change, research reveals, with the tropics suffering the most pronounced loss

A fertilizer dearth foiled animal evolution for eons?

Earth was inhospitable to complex life for billions of years, practically suffocating evolution in a nearly oxygen-free environment. Then came a shift in phosphorus concentrations to ocean shallows, and after that, the evolution of complex life exploded.

Norway reprieves 32 of 47 wolves earmarked for cull

Under Norway’s endangered predator laws, only 15 lone wolves proved to pose a threat to livestock.