Category: Biodiversity

One of First Forms of Life Found in South America: Aspidella

Scientists have discovered fossils in Argentina. Are they animals, algae or from an unknown kingdom?

Gender dictates camouflage strategy in this newly identified praying mantis group

Adult females and males in a new genus of Latin American praying mantises have sharply different approaches to camouflage, according to a Cleveland Museum of Natural History-led study in the open access journal ZooKeys.

Temperature changes make it easier for malaria to climb the Ethiopian highlands

The highlands of Ethiopia are home to the majority of the country’s population, the cooler climate serving as a natural buffer against malaria transmission. New data now show that increasing temperatures over the past 35 years are eroding this buffer, allowing conditions more favorable for malaria to begin climbing into highland areas.

How can humans and elephants better coexist?

The human-elephant conflict plays a huge role in the rapid decline elephant numbers. A panel of experts share ideas on how to mitigate this problem

Better data for assessing local climate policies

Cities and local governments have teamed up to combat climate change from the bottom up, yet little is known about the impact those measures have had on reducing emissions, according to Jan Minx

Alligator’s bellow communicates size

American alligators produce loud, very low-pitched vocalizations called “bellows”.

‘Fake females’ to aid rare moth work in Cairngorms

Male Kentish glory moths are to be counted with the aid of bits of rubber coated in the scent of female moths.

Saved: the endangered species back from the brink of extinction

Human activity has put wildlife around the world at risk, but many creatures are now thriving thanks to conservationists

Enormous swarms of midges teach about interconnected landscapes

Ecologists are trying to understand why the midge population at an Icelandic lake can fluctuate by 100,000-fold across a decade, and what impact these massive swarms have on the surrounding landscape.

Seven new species of night frogs from India including four miniature forms

Scientists from India have discovered seven new frog species belonging to the genus Nyctibatrachus, commonly known as Night Frogs.