Call for Papers: Monitoring our Forests from Root to Canopy

EarthzineForest Monitoring 2018, Original, Themed Articles

earthzine forest monitoring theme cfp

Earthzine, an online scientific publication, is soliciting articles of 800 to 3,000 words for its 2018 theme on the use of Earth observation data to monitor and quantify forest resources from local to continental scales.

earthzine forest monitoring theme cfp

Credit: Daniel McInerney

2018 Special Themed Issue
March 20–June 20, 2018 *Accepting until further notice
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IEEE Earthzine is soliciting articles of 800-3,000 words for its 2018 theme on forest monitoring and change detection using Earth observation. Forests represent about 40 percent of the Earth’s land surface and increasingly there is a requirement to closely monitor and quantify changes in forest resources at a high temporal frequency. This is increasingly possible with a wide availability of satellite sensors and associated technologies. We are seeking contributions that focus on the use of Earth observation data to monitor and quantify forest resources from local to continental scales.

The theme issue is scheduled for March 20 (Equinox)-June 20 (Solstice), 2018. We seek to publish articles from all regions of the globe.

Specific topics of interest for our theme on forest monitoring using Earth observation data include:

    • Use of multi-temporal and/or multi-sensors applications (including optical, radar, LiDAR and UAV data)
    • Estimating above-ground biomass and forest parameters using field inventory data and remote sensing in the context  
    • Quantification and monitoring of forest disturbances (forest fires, storms, pests)
  • Operational forest monitoring services and platforms that assist decision makers (e.g., Copernicus, GEOSS, etc.).

Earthzine is an informative scientific online journal dedicated to promoting the societal benefits of Earth observation and the use of Earth information in planning and policy.

We invite you to submit an article and become part of a growing professionally diverse community and global readership network working to build the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS).

Earthzine  operates  under  the  auspices  of  the  IEEE  Oceanic  Engineering  Society  (OES)  and supports  the Group  on  Earth  Observations  (GEO)  and  its  mission  to  integrate  the  world’s  Earth observing  systems  into a  Global  Earth  Observing  System  of  Systems  (GEOSS).    

Earthzine seeks to explore the application of scientific and technological research as well as policy and its implementation for the benefit of society.

We welcome articles about programs, projects, organizations, examples of interdisciplinary and cross-regional research, latest discoveries, and unusual findings. We also publish opinion essays, and book and art reviews.

Important dates: Submissions for the forest monitoring theme will be accepted *until March 31, 2018 further notice. Submit inquiries and articles to Dr. Daniel McInerney at and/or Dr. Frank Barrett at

Publication: Submissions must be in English. All accepted contributions will undergo review by subject-matter experts, be published online at, and be freely accessible to the public. IEEE Earthzine does not charge authors for publishing.

Please consult our Writer Guidelines for further information and to access an article template. Submissions should include two to three visuals relevant to the content. Visuals may be graphs, charts, photographs or other appropriate images, with caption and credit information included.

Guest Editors Theme Editor Managing Editor
Dr. Daniel McInerney,

Forest Resource Planning, Coillte –

Irish State Forestry Board, Ireland

Paul E. Racette, D.Sc. Jeff Kart, M.A.
Dr. Frank Barrett,

Irish Forest Service,

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Ireland