Category: Earth Observation

Part of Mount Everest has collapsed, mountaineers confirm

Destruction of Hillary Step, possibly during 2015 earthquake in Nepal, may make climbing mountain more dangerous.

Sea level rise will double coastal flood risk worldwide

Small but unstoppable increases will double frequency of extreme water levels with dire consequences, say scientists

New types of coffee, parsnips and roses among 1,700 plants discovered last year

From a new variety of Turkish parsnip to Madagascar coffee beans, the discoveries offer the prospect of better crops, medicinal uses and new garden displays

Farming Correlates to Larger Seed Size

Fields of corn. Credit: Monsanto

The beginnings of agriculture changed human history and has fascinated scientists for centuries.

Regular coral larvae supply from neighboring reefs helps degraded reefs recover

For reefs facing huge challenges, more coral larvae doesn’t necessarily translate to increased rates of coral recovery on degraded reefs

Social ties help animals live longer

Large families and strong social ties help animals live longer, new research suggests.

Why Hardware Engineers Have to Think Like Cybercriminals and Why Engineers Are Easy to Fool

Scott Borg, director of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, says hardware design engineers hold the future of cybersecurity in their hands

Time is running out for Madagascar – evolution’s last, and greatest, laboratory

Kew scientists warn that unique plants on Madagascar are at risk of extinction

Tropical Depression Adrian expected to dissipate on Thursday

The first tropical storm of the Pacific hurricane season has dissipated after weakening into a tropical depression.

Picky fruit-eating birds are more flexible

South American birds that are seasonally specialized on particular fruit types are the most flexible in switching to different fruit types in other seasons, researchers have found.