Decoding the Lives of Marine Wildlife: Using the Argos Satellite System to Understand the Ocean

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The Argos satellite system provides a worldwide network of ocean-based data allowing scientists to decipher more and more about the cryptic nature of the ocean and the wildlife found within it. Part Three of Three. Click here for Part One and Part Two of this series. Far above the Earth’s surface, a satellite equipped with an Argos instrument passes over … Read More

Earthquake Country

EarthzineCoastal Environments 2016, Original, Themed Articles

Experts agree the Pacific Northwest is likely to experience a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake at any point in the next 50 years. The event will be catastrophic, directly impacting the lives of 13 million people from British Columbia to Northern California. On one particular crisp autumn morning in October, nothing happened. There were no announcements; there was no hoopla and … Read More

Understanding Seals – A Scientist and Artist in One of the Last Wild Places on Earth

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Damian Lidgard is a scientist and artist who spends eight weeks each year on a remote barrier island studying and photographing grey seals for Canada’s Ocean Tracking Network. Part Two of Three. Click here for Part One and Part Three of the series. There is something in their dog-like eyes that draws an onlooker in, sharing, for a brief moment, … Read More