Decoding the Lives of Marine Wildlife: Using the Argos Satellite System to Understand the Ocean

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The Argos satellite system provides a worldwide network of ocean-based data allowing scientists to decipher more and more about the cryptic nature of the ocean and the wildlife found within it. Part Three of Three. Click here for Part One and Part Two of this series. Far above the Earth’s surface, a satellite equipped with an Argos instrument passes over … Read More

Meet the 2016 Summer Writing Club

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The Writing Club is in session for summer 2016 – join us and follow their progress. We launched the Writing Club in 2015 as a 10-week online writing course for students and early career professionals to build fluency as science communicators. Some of our students are scientists looking to develop ways of discussing their work with the general public.  Others … Read More

Built on the Fly with Spare Parts, a Scatterometer on the International Space Station Delivers Big Results

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ISS-RapidScat delivers valuable measurements for weather models, storm tracking, and forecasting. What happens when a key instrument on a billion-dollar satellite ceases to function? When it can take decades to plan the launch for a replacement satellite, one might want to build an instrument on the fly – out of spare parts – and hitch a ride as secondary payload … Read More

South America at the 15th Oceans Conference

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South American articles presented at the OCEANS ‰Û÷15 conference reflect in a special way how the current productivity in the region is changing interests in science and technology. By MarÌ_a Victoria Ennis (1) Luciano Banchio (1) MarÌ_a Eugenia Conforti (1,2) Gerardo Gabriel Acosta (1,2) Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires – (UNICEN), Argentina. Consejo Nacional de … Read More