Women of Tomorrow: European Space Agency Seeks to Set Girls on a Trajectory Toward Space

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The European Space Agency and international press agency Sipa Press are creating a touring exhibition that showcases the stories and testimonies of women around the world who share a passion for space. Since 1963, 58 women have broken through the barrier of Earth’s atmosphere to explore the expanses of space. For each of these women and others working in the … Read More

Ocean Plastic Gets Cloudy

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Debris floating in the ocean, seen from below

Plastic debris is collecting in the ocean, but the real threat to marine health is the plastic that can’t be measured. A new study of marine plastic found less than 1 percent of the detritus expected, prompting speculation that it is degrading into clouds of microparticles that cannot be recovered.

Using Their Powers for Good: Aubrecht and Shepherd Recognized for Work in Earth Sciences

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Earthzine offers its congratulations to two of its staff: Marshall Shepherd, who has received the Captain Planet Foundation Protector of the Earth Award, and Christoph Aubrecht, who has received the American Geophysical Union Natural Hazards Focus Group Award. Each of these men is working to help better society through improved understanding of Earth science.