Population Growth and the Demand for Water on the Front Range

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Colorado is an arid state facing increasing pressures to its water supply from a rapidly booming population. The One Water One World Center and otheråÊlocal organizations are working to educate residents on the challenges of a growingåÊdemand for a precious and limited resource. Population numbers are growing at a rapid rate in Colorado and the western U.S. Today, more than … Read More

B‰’more Cool: Monitoring the Urban Heat Island at High Density for Health and Urban Design

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The B‰’more Cool initiative is exploring patterns of heat exposure and impact across Baltimore, Maryland, åÊand evaluating active and proposed mitigation and adaptation interventions. Extreme heat is the deadliest form of climate hazard in the United States today, killing an average of 600 people per year [1]. These deaths are almost entirely preventable; however, the frequency and intensity of heat … Read More