Population Growth and the Demand for Water on the Front Range

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Colorado is an arid state facing increasing pressures to its water supply from a rapidly booming population. The One Water One World Center and other local organizations are working to educate residents on the challenges of a growing demand for a precious and limited resource. Population numbers are growing at a rapid rate in Colorado and the western U.S. Today, … Read More

Recharging California’s Diminishing Aquifers

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California Ground Water

With increasing attention on methods of recharging depleted aquifers, groundwater moves to the frontlines of drought mitigation in California For the better part of a decade California has experienced a drought that has significantly depleted water reserves throughout the state. Surface water has long been the focus of California’s water supply planning, but a new awareness of groundwater is changing … Read More

The Trouble with Trees: Volatile Organic Compounds Exacerbate Climate Change and Air Pollution

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Scientists are using sophisticated emission models and monitoring techniques to better understand the relationship between volatile organic compound production, climate change, and air pollution. As rainforests are cut down and replaced with isoprene-emitting oil palm plantations, data suggest that genetically modified trees may provide a hopeful alternative.