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Improving conservation in regional marine sanctuaries

A new study could benefit ocean zoning for coastal development plans and prove life-saving for foraging seabirds along the Central California coastline in the event of an oil spill.

Composite material for water purification

Fresh, clean water coming directly from the tap is a true luxury.

Lake ecologists see winter as a key scientific frontier

Study finds life under the ice is vibrant, complex and surprisingly active

Ancient Waterways in Morocco

Underground channels have supplied towns in southeastern Morocco for centuries.

Bubble Wrap: The Key to a New Floating Solar Thermal System

Foam and bubble wrap help concentrate heat without mirrors or lenses

Hidden pollution exchange between oceans and groundwater revealed

Researchers have uncovered previously hidden sources of ocean pollution along more than 20 percent of America’s coastlines.

How to purify water with waste materials

Originally Published by EurekAlert! – Earth Science(Tomsk Polytechnic University) Sand, coral and even waste building materials can become extremely efficient sorbents for water purification from toxic substances, if they are subject to treat in a special way. Topic: Technology, Water

Human water use ‘greater than thought’

Originally Published by BBC News – Science & Environment New calculations show that our already sizeable water footprint is 18% bigger than previously recognised – at 10,700 cu km a year. Topic: Water

Faster groundwater remediation with thermal storage

Groundwater. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.
Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDailyAquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) is more than a renewable energy source. The storage and extraction of heat and cold can remediate polluted groundwater ten times faster than existing technologies, a researcher says. Topic: Water

Protecting lakes, streams by removing phosphates as well as nitrates

Originally Published by Earth & Climate News — ScienceDaily A low-cost method of removing phosphates from tile drainage water has been developed, and may help protect lakes and streams. Using steel byproducts to trap phosphates in simulated tile drainage water, the researchers envision installing a steel-containing cartridge as an add-on to nitrate-capturing bioreactors. Topic: Agriculture, […]