Earthzine and DEVELOP have collaborated since 2011 to feature work from each of DEVELOPfullcolorDEVELOP’s three terms each year (spring, summer and fall) using the Virtual Poster Session (VPS) format and initiate interaction with the global community.

The DEVELOP National Program is part of NASA’s Applied Sciences’ Capacity Building Program. DEVELOP addresses environmental and public policy issues through interdisciplinary research projects that apply the lens of NASA Earth observations to community concerns around the globe.

DEVELOP bridges the gap between NASA Earth Science and society, building capacity in both participants and partner organizations to better prepare them to handle the challenges that face our society and future generations.

Below find our most recent DEVELOP VPS Features and more information on the program.





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NASA Applied Sciences’ DEVELOP National Program: Training the Next Generation of Remote Sensing Scientists

purpe leafSince its inception over a decade ago, the DEVELOP National Program has provided students with experience in utilizing and integrating satellite remote sensing data into real world applications. In 1998, DEVELOP began with three students and has evolved into a nationwide internship program with over 200 students participating each year.


North Carolina Coastal Management

carolino imageBy studying the ecosystem functions and the trends in shoreline movements, the DEVELOP team helped create an analysis of shoreline change and how coastal erosion has impacted the estuary systems.






Earthzine’s Virtual Poster Sessions (VPS) feature student projects, outcomes of conference workshops, and products of programs and organizations.

In this archive, you will find VPSes hosted by Earthzine in collaboration with several organizations.

Earthzine began hosting Virtual Poster Sessions in 2011, and has regularly collaborated with organizations, like NASA’s DEVELOP National Program, to showcase Earth science-related projects. Presentations include an impressive array of abstracts, videos, and other presentation formats. Individual and team projects are discussed in a blogging, question-and-answer format that uses Facebook and other social media.


Become Involved with DEVELOP

Are you interested in hosting a Virtual Poster Session with Earthzine? For more information, please contact Associate Editor for Education Barbara Hofer at

To apply: Interested in participating with DEVELOP? The DEVELOP Program conducts three ten-week terms each year (spring, summer, and fall). Applicants may be currently enrolled students, recent graduates, or early/transitioning career professionals. To review eligibility requirements and view upcoming application windows, visit the “Apply” tab on the DEVELOP website at:

To mentor: Interested in mentoring or advising a DEVELOP project? Learn more about the DEVELOP model and view past projects by visiting the “Projects” tab on the DEVELOP website:

To partner: Have an idea for a DEVELOP project? Submit your suggestion and learn more about partnering with DEVELOP by visiting the “Partners” tab on the DEVELOP website at:








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