EarthzineDEVELOP Summer 2013 VPS, Original

Project Team: DEVELOP Tech Team
Team Location: NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia

DEVELOP logo, main image that appears on DEVELOPedia’s sidebar. Image Credit: DEVELOP Tech Team.

DEVELOP logo, main image that appears on DEVELOPedia’s sidebar. Image Credit: DEVELOP Tech Team.

Stephanie Rushley, Project Lead (North Carolina State University)
Matthew Carter (U.S. Air Force)
Charles Chiou (Old Dominion University)
Rick Farmer (Mathews High School)
Kevin Haywood (U.S. Air Force)
Anthony Pototzky (Old Dominion University)
Adam White (Christopher Newport University)
Daniel Winker (University of Virginia)

Lauren Childs-Gleason (NASA DEVELOP, National Operations Lead)
Dr. Kenton Ross (NASA DEVELOP, National Science Advisor)
Michael Bender (NASA DEVELOP, National Technical Lead)

Past/Other Contributors:
Jonathan Hicks (Science Systems and Applications Inc.)
David Rasmussen (State University of New York, New Paltz)

NASA DEVELOP tackles approximately 80 projects every year. Projects are stored on an internal system
called the DEVELOP Exchange with no search function and limited user interactivity. With the objective of creating a useful and intuitive database, DEVELOPedia was designed to service the mass amounts of information and data related to DEVELOP. The initial framework was already in place, but the wiki was not complete. Extensions were added to grant users the ability to upload multiple files at once and display category trees for search assistance. Forms and templates were updated to display correctly and properly so DEVELOP participants can browse with ease. Sections to add data and search data were appropriately placed to greet users when they enter the front page. DEVELOPedia even allows users to view, upload, and edit data on DEVELOP application areas, locations, participants, and projects. Projects will be added each term providing a centralized and user-friendly location to serve DEVELOPers and share institutional knowledge more easily between project teams to increase productivity, efficiency, and the quality of DEVELOP projects.

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