Modeling a SSAF Service

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Photo of Darian Phillips .Image Credit: URC

Photo of Darian Phillips .Image Credit: URC

Image Credit: URC

Student: Darian Phillips

Morgan State University, Maryland

Major: Electrical Engineering

Degree Level: Bachelor of Science

Internship Site: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland

Mentor: Harry Shaw

Abstract: I have been working on the USS-CR (User Service Subsystem Component Replacement) Project that deals with the replacement of key components that process user signals within the TDRS (Tracking Data Relay Satellite) ground terminals at the White Sands Complex in New Mexico. New modems, Frequency Converters, Switch Gear, and a Monitor and Control System (MCS) are being provided to update Space Ground Link Terminals (SGLT) currently in use at White Sands. The main goal of USS-CR is to modernize equipment that is currently active and then provide backups so that hardware can stay functional until the SGSS (Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment) project is complete around the year 2017. In particular, my research involves learning various Systems Engineering techniques so that I can model a SSAF (S-band Singe Access Forward) service.

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