Earth Science Data Analysis in the Era of Big Data

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Image of OGC Sensor Web Enablement standards

Many Earth scientists are wondering: How will Big Data technologies benefit Earth science research? To illustrate the effects of combining a Big Data technology with an effective means of collaboration, we relate the (fictitious) experience of an early-career Earth science researcher a few years beyond the present, interlaced and contrasted with reminiscences of its recent past.

Finalists: 2013 Student Essay Contest on ‘Science Technology for Observing Earth’s Climate’

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essay contest Student authors from around the globe contributed submissions to Earthzine’s 2013 Student Essay Contest. Five finalists were selected. We are now entering a second round of judging that includes a blog discussion between Earthzine readers and the authors. The blogging portion of this competition will continue through Oct. 31. Click and participate.

Using Big Data in Geographic Information Systems for Observing Earth’s Climate

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By Emily Northup James Madison University, New York, U.S. The Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC) at NASA Langley Research Center is responsible for the ingestion, archiving, and distribution of NASA Earth Science data in the areas of radiation budget, clouds, aerosols, and tropospheric chemistry. The ASDC specializes in atmospheric data that is important to understanding the causes and processes of … Read More