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The Writer and the Scientist: Finding Inspiration

Earthzine’s Senior Science Writer Elise Mulder Osenga finds hope through her work in interviews with scientists.

Just Waiting to be Discovered – Finding Hope in Earthbound Mysteries

We’ve investigated less than 5 percent of the world’s oceans. This op-ed looks at media framing and engaging the public in ocean exploration.

Sea Turtles Look Ahead to 2017

Sea turtles are swimming pretty in Belize, demonstrating the importance of marine protected areas.

Hope in the Face of Nature’s Fury

Some topics in the news can be harder to stomach than others. Natural hazards are a fact of life because of the dynamic and changing planet we live on, but there are times when studying natural disasters pushes people to the brink because the impact on human life is inescapable.

Hope in Our Final Hour

As the world shifts around us, we face one last chance to turn it all around. We’re uniquely suited to face this challenge; all we need now is the courage to act.