Mapping a Decade of Change in the Earth’s Forests

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global forest map

forest image For the first time, researchers have brought together more than decade of changes in forests around the planet in a single map. Based on 20 terapixels of data obtained by Landsat 7 ETM+ acquired between 2000 and 2012, the map reveals patterns on local, regional, continental, and global scales.

Amplified Fire Occurrences in Response to Drought and Vegetation Stress in the Western Ghats of India

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June 2003 chlorophyll-a anomaly map produced by subtracting the 7-year mean from the monthly average. Units are in milligrams per cubic meter.

By N. Kodandapani Asian Nature Conservation Foundation, Center for Ecological Sciences, Bangalore, India ABSTRACT There is uncertainty regarding the extent to which drought, fuel availability, and ignition sources contribute to the global fire regime. In 2004, sharply increased fire activity followed a severe drought, highlighting the importance of drought‰ÛÒfire linkages in the Western Ghats hotspot of biodiversity. The spatial extent … Read More