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Cross-Fertilization and Collaboration are Crucial in a Modern World, Says National Academy of Sciences President

Marcia McNutt, president of the National Academy of Sciences, advocates for interdisciplinary collaboration and discusses the importance of having scientists at the table when policy is made in an exclusive interview with Earthzine.

Dispatches from Oceans ‘16: The Future of Oceans

New technologies, tackling big data and fully exploring the mysteries in the ocean seems to be a real possibility.

Dispatches from Oceans ‘16: Tech Startup Pushing Boundaries and Supporting Citizen Science

The OpenROV project, a tech startup that began in a garage in Cupertino in 2012, focuses on citizen science as a path to enhancing ocean observations.

Dispatches from Oceans ’16: Understanding Oceans in the Face of Climate Change

Increasing understanding of the oceans as the climate changes will require attention to robotics, prediction, security and innovation. Monterey, California – At the plenary session on Sept. 21, 2016, speakers Marcia McNutt and Jon White called on the assembled scientists and engineers to step up public understanding of oceans and involvement in policy agenda setting. […]

Dispatches from Oceans ’16: Exploring Other Oceans

How the field of AUV research is growing rapidly and breaking through barriers posed by ocean research. Monterey, California – How autonomous underwater vehicles are fundamentally changing the way humans are exploring the ocean was the focus of the first plenary session at Oceans ’16. “For most of us our view of the ocean has […]