The Finding of Aquifers in Kenya: A Solution to the Suffering Caused by Water Shortage

EarthzineSGS 2015

ByåÊLaura Anzola, SofÌ_a GonzÌÁlez, Abraham FarfÌÁn, NicolÌÁsåÊAndrade, EdgaråÊCamilo Casta̱eda, and Daniela Camargo

Editor’s note:åÊThis poster is one of three selected from projects done by senioråÊstudents at St. George’s School in BogotÌÁ, Colombia.

For the region of Turkana, located in Kenya — one of the poorest,åÊdriest and hottest zones in Africa — the discovery ofåÊvast reserves ofåÊgroundwater by the Radar Technology International Co. (RTI) in 2013åÊrepresents a big hope for a territory immersed in scarcity and poverty. TheåÊgeneral objective of this investigation was to determine why this particularåÊregion was chosen, how much groundwater was found, and how the discoveredåÊreserves can increase water availability in the regionåÊand improve the livingåÊstandards of the population. To adequately present the situation, the followingåÊspecific objectives were approached: describe the investigation and findings ofåÊRTI; describe Turkana’s geography and topography based on satellite imagery;åÊdescribe the problems faced by the region concerning agriculture and health ;åÊdetermine how the aquifers could improve living standards; and describe theåÊproblems that Turkana’s population suffer today andåÊthe challenges faced byåÊthe government and its people. The investigation done by the RTI, underåÊUNESCO’s initiative, was extensively consulted and data regarding theåÊdiscoveries of aquifers and the improving scenario areåÊpresented. In addition,åÊrecommendations made by the UNESCO and the RTI to Kenya’s governmentåÊand population are addressed.

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