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Image of NCAR from workshop flyer.
Image of NCAR from workshop flyer.

Image of NCAR from workshop flyer.

The Workshop on the Socio-economic Benefits of Geospatial Information/GEOSS is set to take place from June 12-14 in Boulder, Colorado. Registration is still open.

Geospatial information, whether derived from Earth observation sources or elsewhere, can be an important tool in approaching the many challenges we face on the local, regional, and global level. Those include assessing food security, flooding, air quality, disasters, and more. Effective uses of this information can assist in decision-making to enhance the social and economic well-being of communities.

The workshop, at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Foothills Campus, will review quantitative and socioeconomic methods for assessing and communicating the value of geospatial information.

The first day will open with tutorials and an assessment of cross-discipline methodologies for socio-economic benefits.

Day two will be centered around sessions focusing on case studies of geospatial information used for events such as droughts, floods, wind-energy prospecting, and urban and environmental policy and decision-making. Earth observation applications and examples of citizen observations also will be discussed, followed by a breakout session.

The third day focuses on assessments of the benefits of communicating geospatial information to end-users, followed by another breakout session, and concluding with a discussion of the next steps ahead, with perspectives from NASA, Canada, and the science communities.

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