"The Biggest Environmental Crime in History"

adamEcosystems, Energy, Technology

In what environmentalists are deeming “the greatest environmental crime in history,” the British oil company, BP, is investing $1.5 billion in a project to extract oil from tar sands in the Canadian wilderness – a method that is both highly inefficient and ecologically destructive – effectively departing from its eco-friendly image under the “Beyond Petroleum” motto.

Red Sea Mega-Dam Would Be 'Irresponsible'

adamEcosystems, Energy, Water

The proposed construction of a gigantic “heliohydroelectric” dam that would literally part the Red Sea holds the potential to generate large amounts of clean energy for an impoverished region, but could also cause irreversible global ecological damage through the partial draining of the Red Sea.

Forest Loss in Sumatra Becomes a Global Issue

adamAgriculture, Biodiversity, Climate, Ecosystems

Worldwide demand for palm oil used in cooking, cosmetics, and “earth-friendly” biodiesel is driving logging of Sumatra’s once-dense forests and the establishment of palm plantations, causing concern about the greenhouse gas contributions caused by deforestation – which now accounts for 20% of global emissions – and Indonesia’s potential “carbon bomb.”

Grim Outlook for Polar Bears

Paul RacetteBiodiversity, Ecosystems

If emissions of greenhouse gases and resulting global and Arctic warming continue apace, the study said, two-thirds of the 22,000 or so bears will disappear by midcentury. Some bear experts see that prognosis as overly dire.