IEEE Conference Focuses on Technology for the Benefit of Humanity

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The IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference takes place Oct. 30-Nov. 1 in Seattle, Washington.

The international conference will focus on the research and development of advanced technologies for application to societal challenges. More than 150 papers have submitted and reviewed in conjunction with presentations to be made at the event.

Papers will be presented by renowned individuals in the field, and highlight new technologies, business models, and social entrepreneurship initiatives that help improve the livelihoods of the under-privileged.

Keynote speaker Tony Marjoram will discuss the UNESCO report on Engineering: Issues, challenges and opportunities for development.

Sessions are planned on a wide range of topics:

— Health, Medical Technology and Telemedicine;

— Disaster Warning and Response;

— Water Planning, Availability and Quality;

— Power for Off-Grid Users;

— Power Infrastructure/Renewable/ Sustainable Energy;

— Connectivity and Communications Technologies for Remote Locations;

— Educational Technologies;

— Agricultural Technologies;

— Humanitarian Challenges and Opportunities.

The conference is an opportunity for professionals to share their work, åÊnetwork with others involved in humanitarian technology, create new projects and meet with funders.

To help attendees come together, the conference will have a Forum Room open all three days for participants to post information on a project, request help with technology development or implementation, solicit volunteers, and post for opportunities wanted.

The event will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle.

Further information is available at

You can attend selected sessions via the web on Monday and Tuesday, Oct.åÊ31 and Nov. 1 from 10:30AM until 6:00PM Pacific Daylight Time (17:30 ‰ÛÒ01:00 UTC).

Access to the sessions on Monday, October 31 is:

Meeting Number: 797 521 660 and the Meeting access: GHTCvirtual1

Access to the sessions on Tuesday, November 1 is:

Meeting Number: 799 575 390 and the Meeting access: GHTCvirtualday2

There is no charge for participation.

The list of conference co-sponsors includes NASA and the ASME Foundation.