Sea Turtles, Dogs v. Sharks, and Dark Fireworks

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Image of a sun flare

After a short hiatus, it’s time for another Video Blog on Earthzine. We’ve been collecting a few items over the past couple of weeks. Take a gander at baby sea turtles making a run for the ocean, dogs v. sharks, and fireworks on the sun.
The first video was shared by the National Wildlife Federation, and reportedly shows a set of sea turtles being released into the ocean in Cabo San Lucas.
A nonprofit there has saved thousand of baby sea turtles from coastal development, pollution, and illegal hunting and fishing practices by protecting nests and releasing baby sea turtles into the sea, according to HuffPo.

Next, we have video of dogs herding sharks. Really. And no dogs, or sharks were harmed. It’s not clear where this one was filmed but the water is clear enough to see the sharks.

Finally, Independence Day may have passed in the U.S., but dark fireworks were recently featured by National Geographic. This fireworks show of dark blobs and streamers was seen on the sun, as part of a solar flare.
Shock waves from fireworks like these can spell trouble for astronauts and satellites, according to NASA. Thankfully, this “coronal mass ejection” wasn’t aimed in our direction.

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